Revolutionary cloud-based technology to detect glaucoma.

Eyeonic’s vision is to prevent blindness caused by glaucoma, in Australia and across the globe.

With Eyeonic’s technology, patients can take an online test for glaucoma from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

The future of glaucoma testing across the globe.

Eyeonic provides perimetry eye testing on any computer.

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in Australia.

The biggest problem with glaucoma? There are no early symptoms.

By the time you know there’s a problem, it’s too late and vision is lost.

Detection currently relies on perimetry performed in a clinic by a trained professional, generally as part of a regular eye-health check.

And as such:

  • 90% of glaucoma is undiagnosed in the developing world
  • 50% of glaucoma is undiagnosed in the developed world

Early Detection Saves Sight.

There are 300,000 Australians living with glaucoma, but over 50% are unaware they have it, thinking they have healthy eyes.

While vision loss can’t be restored, early diagnosis and treatment can delay or halt the progression of the disease. That is why it’s so important to detect the problem as early as possible.

With Eyeonic’s online vision test, more people will have access to simple testing that can be done online. This will detect more cases of glaucoma before it leads to blindness.

Where are we now?

Early glaucoma does not have symptoms and cannot be self diagnosed.

The only way to be diagnosed is through a test done at an Optometry or Ophthalmology clinic.

  • The main early detection test for glaucoma assesses for any loss of peripheral vision.
  • This is traditionally done using a perimetry (visual field) machine.
  • The patient places their head in the machine and reacts to a series of lights by pressing a button.

The problem with current testing

Patients report a number of issues with the current method of visual field testing.

  • The test is uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  • Eye specialists commonly receive complaints from patients.
  • As it is unpleasant, people postpone their test which should be done every 6-12 months.
  • As the test needs a clinic visit, this is another barrier to people taking the test.
  • It is currently only available in a clinical setting and is labour intensive and expensive.
  • Whether they are not located close to the clinic or have other health or mobility issues, it can put them off having the test.
  • Although we have excellent access to testing in Australia, it is not available in the developing world.

Eyeonic's Solution

Eyeonic’s technology removes all barriers to traditional visual field testing.

  • We can test for any loss of peripheral vision using an online assessment.
  • Patients can do the test from the comfort of their own home, at a time that is convenient to them.
  • The test only takes 3-4 minutes per eye and does not cause discomfort.
  • Results can easily be interpreted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist online and reported back to the patient.
  • Our vision is that this technology can be rolled out across Australia and globally, allowing early detection of glaucoma and reducing preventable vision loss.

Eyeonic has been developed by eye health professionals.

Associate Professor Simon Skalicky is a glaucoma specialist and is the founder and developer of Eyeonic.

As a practicing ophthalmologist, Professor Skalicky saw first hand, time and time again, the barriers caused by traditional visual field tests. Constant complaints from patients about how uncomfortable and unpleasant the test was combined with his own PhD research into online visual testing sparked the development of Eyeonic.

Spending 18 months teaching himself to program the test specifically for the needs of patients, the results have been remarkable. An easy to use, simple, online test with minimal discomfort for patients – while being truly effective in detecting any peripheral vision loss. 

In a survey of 95 patients who undertook both tests, only two preferred conventional perimetry to the Eyeonic online test.

Professor Skalicky has extensive experience with all aspects of glaucoma. As well as being an ophthalmologist, he is the former President of Glaucoma Australia and is involved with the Word Glaucoma Association. His PhD researched how to improve quality of life for people with glaucoma. This included the role of online tests of vision as a metric of quality of life.

Click here for more information about Associate Professor Simon Skalicky.

Eyeonic's Vision

To eradicate unnecessary blindness.

Eyeonic's Mission

We improve eye health universally, through evidence-based and accessible online testing.

Eyeonic is supported by outstanding global partners

Eyeonic is supported by Microsoft and other partners across the globe.

Working with experts from Microsoft and supported by the MicrosoftForStartups program, Eyeonic leverages off all the possibilities of cloud computing together with a robust cyber security platform.

Eyeonic’s robust research output has inspired Glaucoma researchers from around the world, with further clinical trials underway or planned in Uganda, Vietnam and Melbourne.