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Revolutionary cloud-based, AI powered Platform to detect glaucoma

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Empowering Vision Health

Eyeonic Revolutionises Visual Field Testing

Glaucoma, a global cause of irreversible blindness, impacts 80 million individuals. Consistent visual field testing is crucial for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring, typically every 6 to 12 months.

Conventional testing relies on bulky clinic machinery. This approach brought challenges such as high expenses, frequent breakdowns, patient discomfort, and limited availability in underserved regions.

The Eyeonic online visual field test transforms glaucoma detection.

It’s accurate, reliable, and user-friendly. Plus, you can take it on any computer or device, offering convenience.

Our groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for special hardware. This reduces costs and makes visual field testing accessible. With Eyeonic, testing barriers are removed, revolutionizing vision health management.

Join us on this transformative journey to reshape glaucoma detection.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods and embrace a future where Eyeonic empowers individuals, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to take charge of vision health like never before.

One month free trial for clinicians. One free test for patients.

How Eyeonic Works

Whether administered in a clinical setting or the comfort of one’s home, the Eyeonic platform dramatically cuts costs, while enhancing convenience and ease.

Effortless Visual Field Testing with Eyeonic

The application lets individuals and the public conduct visual field testing on their personal computer or tablet. It facilitates account linking with clinicians. Clinicians can review patient results, track changes over time, and set future testing intervals.

Getting Started is Simple:

1. Register at to create your account.
2. Clinicians enjoy a free first month, while test takers get a complimentary token for testing.

Easy Testing Process:

Test takers are guided through environment setup and test instructions, including video guidance. The setup is user-friendly and comfortable. Once ready, the test takes just 3-5 minutes per eye.

Key Features that Ensure a Robust and Secure Customer Experience

Eyeonic undertakes measures to safeguard data privacy, emphasise the central role of cyber security within the application. Combining Industry recognised best practices, such as robust log on credentials, with a state of the art secure cyber environment, this novel application is one of a new generation of web-based tools that ensure a safe and secure experience.

Demonstration Videos

For Clinicians:

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For Patients:

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Benefits of Eyeonic

Exploring Advanced Technology
Eyeonic’s innovation centres on using advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence to ensure a seamless glaucoma test experience on various devices. From the visuals to control mechanisms, Eyeonic’s online glaucoma test is designed to adapt easily to any computer. Eyeonic stands out as it’s designed to work well on different devices, making it accessible to everyone.
Versatile Convenience
In contrast to tests that require specialised equipment, Eyeonic offers a straightforward solution. It’s the only glaucoma test that consistently works on personal devices like computers or tablets. This versatility is crucial, enabling testing at home or in resource-limited settings.
Sophisticated Design
The Eyeonic app goes beyond adaptability, built on a robust cloud-based architecture supported by Microsoft. This design ensures smooth operation and strong cybersecurity. Regardless of screen size or shape, Eyeonic’s glaucoma test excels across various setups, making glaucoma detection simple and reliable for all.
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Precise Screen Calibration

Our programming adjusts for screen brightness, monitor size, and user distance, ensuring accurate results.

Fixation Assistance

A spinning gold star aids fixation, enhancing ease during the test.

Clear Progress Display

A progress bar tracks test advancement, providing real-time updates.

Neutral Background

A pale screen background minimises room lighting impact on visuals.

Visible Targets

Large flickering circular targets ensure easy visibility.

AI Webcam Monitoring

AI monitors test taker via webcam for consistent positioning.


The Birth of Eyeonic

Professor Simon Skalicky: Fuelling Vision Innovation

Eyeonic, founded in 2019 by A/Prof Simon Skalicky, was driven by three key motivations.

Firstly, armed with a recent PhD in glaucoma patient assessment, he aimed to create vision tests closely aligned with everyday visual function, using clinical and research skills to validate them.

Secondly, as a board member and later President of Glaucoma Australia, he understood the issue of underdiagnosed glaucoma due to limited access to diagnostics, both locally and globally.

Thirdly, as a practicing glaucoma subspecialist Ophthalmologist, he observed patients’ dissatisfaction with conventional visual field tests.

With a vision of accessible and enjoyable testing, he explored online solutions. He realised that an online test accessible via web browsers could make testing convenient and accessible, especially in underserved areas. This digital approach could integrate with electronic medical records and telehealth systems, aligning with the future of glaucoma management.

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